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Final Fantasy A+ Final Fantasy A+

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Okay here´s some words of what I thought..

I´m sorry when I say that the first time I started this excellent movie and when I saw it loading and I knew that the file was big (that´s truly great!) I just thought, aaaahh the hell with this movie it´s probably gonna suck anyways because it´s only going to be another ff spoof that everybody thinks is great but I think it sucks, really sucks, after a few (days maybe?) I saw it, today!
It was a fast loading and that I call it luck for myself:).
Anyways when I saw it through I just thought….

What was I thinking? This I think is the best final fantasy movie ever…:S well I think other movies of final fantasy is great to but until advent children I´ll probably think that this movie is the best final fantasy movie :D…
At first I thought that it would be a ordinary spoof that would be funny but I did´nt see this one as a spoof really I just saw it as what it was!

The graphics in this movie is just boring too talk about so I´m not going to say just GREAT! About the graphics like many people do so do I sometimes when I´m too lazy to describe it in words..:P..About the graphics in this movie I have 12 words to describe it in : This movie contains the best graphics yet in the final fantasy sector! That´s about it in the graphics, I mean could it be better?!

And so on to the interesting sounds and music that is the most boring part to review, okay first the sounds the sound effects is very nice and good added and the Japanese voiceacting (only made by you?!wow) was very intersesting because I´m interested in the language could´nt be better at least what I think! The music from FFV and FFT is good and that was a real good choice!

And so on too the best thing to write about is the awesome story in the movie!
Good thoughts on that one that was something new and funny, hahahaha the teacher locked in his students but created a great monster too defeat them beacuase they where to strong to be putten in a locker by the teacher?! :D
Every part in this story is great! And well thought through!
HAHAHAHAHAHA the saved files gone ey? Well that´s a true annoying thing :D
Warrior, black mage and cid hehehe good work with the black mage I think he was not just a shadow behind the thing…….He was a ordinary human with those clothes hehehehe.
Hahaha and fighting the homework not a bad idea.
Yeye anyways the story ruled everything else :D.

Okay one word for this movie and that movie for this awesome movie is “Decent”………………………..
Okay just kidding :P it´s

(I´m sorry for the junk in this review but anyways here it is)

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NG TimeTrial IX NG TimeTrial IX

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Ninjas and pirates ey?

Hahaha Iiked this one, everytime I see a new timetrial I get so happy XD. And in this one all movies are all good!
First I watched JoeOutterside´s movie and it was good the best with that movie was the pictures(backgrounds) the animation was´nt that great but it was good, and the music was okay..The whole movie is good though.
And it reminded me of the best movie here on NG!
(You have to figure out for yourselves what that is:)
After that movie I watched Luis´s movie and I knew that that movie would be just great! And what was it? It was great! Ninjadog vs ninjacat hahahahahaha and the graphics is great, I liked all with that movie! And the music.......yeah.......the was there....GREAT WORK LUIS!
And after Luis´s movie it isssssssssssss.
SQUEEZY`S MOVIE!!!! It was all good I did´nt think it would be good when I saw that ship in the beginning the graphics is all okay and the music HAHAHAHAHAHA! Good work!
And here is McBean´s movie wich I thought was the funniest of them all! Of course it was because the kill bill music and sounds, hahahaha!
When the ship came there with a airplane sound I really laughed it was great! hahaha and when they talked in the end! Hahahahahahaha! Good graphics and sound there real fun movie!
And then we have at last Openwounds movie the graphics in it was great the music good too, but it was short what the hell was that I did´nt understand it?!

Anyways great work guys!

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Battle Of The Gods Battle Of The Gods

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

good work

I´ll begin in high expectations on this movie I dont´t know why but let´s see here I´m clicking on it right now…Wait a minute here
I´m going to try something new (atleast for me) I´ll begin on 10 on everything and if anything is bad I´ll drop a point
I think that should do it! Then let´s begin oh a preeeeeeeloadeeeeeer…A ordinary one, gray and it´s from NG but you put a picture
On it and it´s not that ugly that pic only makes you want too see it more and faster I think Well let´s play “battle of the gods” let´s see if it has great awesome graphics or terrible graphics and let´s see if the story is sucky sucky for a long time or good.
My expectations is high (10), (start) Well I´ll be damned it is A STORY TEXT that I hate more than anything, no I´m just
Kidding let´s see the text I slow reaaaal slow here and it is white!!!! Why not blue text with discolamps on the sides.
I mean why c´mon!!!! Okay the story is easy and nicely throwed up I´ll give that an 8 for now let´s keep watching it.(robots one man 32 blablabla)
Oh!!?? What what is this? Oh I fell asleep oh I´m reviewing a movie on my own “Erreway” oh the text stoped now let´s see.
WAIT WAIT maybe a storyteller would be fun? Don´t you think or some music, because this text makes a great difference on the movie I think. Oh I was a little tired there I did´nt see that last word was it “bots” yeahyeah sounds fine to me.
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee????????!!! “You think you´ll actually beat him this time”
Said a guy with bad graphics and thiingssss. Hahha very funny you have a 10 now hehehe :).
It is only one way to find out!!! Fatie?? That´s something ey?? Yeah too many faces I see here 5! Voices??Wispering??? 3!!
Music?? 5!!!Yeah now everybody fights everybody so I´ll just see the movie now and then I will say what I think! Goodbye until my last points will be served!!! MOHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
(I don´t even understand my system I think I´m lying on a five..)

Ahaaa mysterious storytellers ey?......... looks like the beginning of Once upon a time in meksicccccco or something like that :P.
Oh dirty enemy gets h**** by matrix punches?

What??? Find out later? What is this… Oh anyways I think that the movie is to short I wanted to write more, and I´ll just say to you know that I´m to lazy right now to follow my own rules so sorry if I´m writing some strange stuff I thought this movie was okay though it will get a 5 from me hehehehehe it could have been so much better but you´re in the right track someday maybe you´ll be great!But work on the following things on your movie next time.
(don´t mind that :S??!)
Okay this is what you need to read I´m really tired this week so just take this one ord seriously because I thought this was okay
And you´re going to be gooder (damn that´s not a word)

Skip everything else and read this!!!
( sorry for misunderstanding and misspellings to tired to correct it but you wanted reviews and here is another:)

Good work!

Recent Game Reviews

Mad Libs 7 Mad Libs 7

Rated 5 / 5 stars


it can really turn up funny, this was something new I´ve never seen before
Awesome game!
Great work!

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Bandit Kings Bandit Kings

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Hmmm This is a fun 2 player game it was good!

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FreeFall FreeFall

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Maybe but I don´t think I´ve seen this type of game before, it is good I liked it but it was alittle too much bombs in the beginning but I won anyways:P....It was a funny game
Good work!

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